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Latvia offers many affordable and convenient study-abroad options for Indian students looking forward to studying abroad.

Latvia's membership in the European Union also helps students move to more developed European countries to find jobs and higher study opportunities.

Latvia is a remarkably affordable study-abroad destination, offering the same post-study benefits as its more expensive European counterparts. Even though Latvian is Latvia's official language, most universities across the country offer English-taught programs.


Popular Universities

Riga Technical University
Turiba University
EKA University of Applied Sciences
Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies
Transport And Telecommunication Institute
Riseba University Of Applied Sciences
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Frequently Asked Questions
Latvia offers affordable yet high-quality education with a focus on innovation and research. It boasts a rich cultural heritage, English-taught programs, and a welcoming environment for international students.
Latvia provides cost-effective tuition fees and living expenses compared to many Western European countries. Its universities offer modern facilities, internationally recognized degrees, and programs in various fields like medicine, engineering, and business.
Riga, the capital city, is the most popular destination for international students in Latvia. It offers diverse academic opportunities, cultural experiences, and a lively student community.
Latvian universities emphasize practical skills, critical thinking, and research-based learning. They offer a student-centered approach with opportunities for internships, projects, and collaborations with industry partners.
Graduates from Latvian universities benefit from a strong reputation in Europe and beyond. They find opportunities in sectors such as technology, healthcare, tourism, and finance, leveraging Latvia's growing economy and business networks.
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