Malaysia is a multicultural and beautiful country in Southeast Asia that offers high-quality medical education to international students at affordable costs.

Many medical universities in Malaysia are ranked among the top 200 high-class educational institutions in the world and accredited by the Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization (WHO), UNESCO, and FAIMER.

The tuition fees for MBBS in Malaysia are much lower than in India and many other countries, ranging from 55,000 to 136,000 MYR per year (9 to 25 lakhs per year) on average.

The Malaysian government also offers scholarships and discounts to international students.

The medium of instruction for MBBS in Malaysia is English, which is a significant advantage for Indian students who may not be proficient in the Malay language.

The course and curriculum are designed to meet international standards and provide comprehensive theoretical and practical training to students.

The MBBS course in Malaysia consists of a 5-year long course that includes pre-clinical training and clinical training. Pre-clinical training comprises learning theoretical basics of medical sciences for a period of two years.

Clinical training is divided into two phases: In the first year, the students undergo the process of learning clinical skills. For the remaining two years, every student is allotted work at the University’s clinical campuses for gaining overall real-time experience as a medical trainee.

The admission process for MBBS in Malaysia is simple and straightforward. Students only need to have PCB in class 12th with an aggregate marks of 70%-80% and NEET qualification to secure admission.

Malaysia has a rich culture and a diverse landscape that offers a pleasant and safe environment for students, with a comparatively low cost of living.

Students who study MBBS in Malaysia have access to world-class facilities and teaching staff. They also have the opportunity to gain clinical experience at some of the best hospitals in the region.

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Malaysia is renowned for having the greatest and highest-quality MBBS education in the world, as well as the most experienced professionals and internationally recognized universities. The country is undeniably valuable, with MCI and WHO-approved top-ranking universities.
No, not necessary, the MBBS course is taught in English in Malaysian universities.
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