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India's system of higher education is the third largest in the world. While the engineering schools have been the flag bearers of the India's higher education. in keeping with the times and the skill needs of the global workforce Indian universities are offering a host of other courses such as masters in business administration. sciences, liberal arts, artificial intelligence, photonics and design.

Why Study in India?

India is vast in every sense of the word. From its population of more than one billion, to its expansive cities, to its wide-open, seemingly-endless countryside, India certainly earns its subcontinent status. India is home to dozens of communities, languages and several religions. It is also home to some of the most beautiful buildings in the world, like the Taj Mahal and the Golden Temple.
Universities are ranked and climbing
Indian universities are currently being ranked at the top by different ranking agencies.
It is easy to get involved on campus
Indian university campuses are one of the most welcoming campuses in the world.
It has great opportunities for global networking
Most of the Indian universities conduct outreach programmes and networking programmes.
It is filled with affordable travel opportunities
India being home to several cultures, different seasons, different terrains offers great travel experience.

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Mangalore city is one of the important educational centres in India. This is due to the strong foundation of primary education laid by forefathers of undivided South Canara district.
Study in Mangalore
Bangalore is home to many educational and research institutions and has played a significant role in the contribution towards skill development.
Study in Bangalore
Mysore, in the state of Karnataka, because of its pleasant climate and lower living costs, has become a major educational destination. 
Study in Mysore
Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu is home to some of the most reputed institutes for higher education in India. Tamil Nadu's inclusive nature make it easy for students to improve themselves. 
Study in Tamil Nadu
Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh there are 3 central universities, 20 Autonomous Institutions, 22 state universities, 4 deemed universities, and 5 private universities.
Study in Andhra Pradesh
Kerala, India's most literate state, is home to some of the country's most prestigious higher education institutions in the country.
Study in Kerala

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Why India is one of the best education destination?

India, is according to a lot of educational researchers is one of the best places to do your college education.
Low Cost of living
Studying abroad in a completely different country becomes a major concern for international students and the cost of living in a foreign country can seem daunting to many at first. In a country like India, cost of living is the last thing to worry about.
Student friendly cities
Finding a perfect student friendly city in a foreign country is another one of the top reasons to study in India. If students decide to take the leap and study abroad in India, they are likely to study in one of the flourished cities in the country. India is home to over 400 cities spread across the nation, a proof of establishment of the enormous country.
Given the cost of education in India, universities in India also offer its international students with financial assistance in form of scholarships. The government of India offers a wide range of scholarships to international students who want to pursue higher studies in the country.
Melting pot of diverse cultures
Visiting and living in a place is completely different, especially when the country is India. In fact, India has 22 official languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Punjabi and Gujrati among others. International students are likely to come across students who hail from other cities in India and have diverse mother tongues.
Campus life
The best part of campus life in India is the majority of universities in the country are residential in nature. Hence India is one of the hottest education destination. 
Work Opportunities
While the country offers an array of programmes spread across various fields, many international students come seeking work opportunities in India- both during and after programme.

Courses to Study in India


Data Science, Big Data & Data Analytics
Data Science is a field that comprises of everything that related to data cleansing , preparation, and analysis.

Big Data is something that can be used to analyze insights which can lead to better decision and strategic business moves.

Data Analytics Involves automating insights into a certain dataset as well as supposes the usage of queries and data aggregation procedures.

India is one of the best place to learn these courses, as it would be easier for the candidate to find good opportunities and a high package. 
BBA (Port Management)
The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Port Management is an underg raduate programme designed for those who are seeking to prepare themselves for managerial responsibilities in the Ports, Shipping and logistics related areas. 

This course will help them to develop their abilities to recognize and solve problems and to understand the role of business in the ever changing scenario in Ports. Port Management plays a crucial role in international trade and commerce and in the department of logistics. As almost 90% of world’s overall trade is done through sea route, these ports need to be professionally managed by qualified personnel.
B.Sc Renewable Energy
Renewable energy is one of the top-growing segments of the electric power industry. As the reservoirs of conventional form of energy such as coal and oil are at the brink of replenishing, the major portion of global energy requirement has to be meet through alternate forms of energy like solar or wind energy. The alternate form of energy usage will not only meet the major energy requirements but also address the global emission concern. 

The optional paper on Renewable Energy will provide the students with knowledge in the field of solar, wind energy, biogas and
bio mass etc. This program with combination of Computer Science and Physics will help students to deal with the technology and the physics behind the natural resources.
BSC Forensic Science
B.Sc. in Forensic Sciences is a 3- year graduate course which involves the application of scientific knowledge to the investigation of crimes. Professionals in this discipline apply their knowledge of science to analyze the evidence found at a crime scene. 

An analysis could involve anything from an object at the crime scene, to soil, blood stains, saliva, body fluids, bones, fingerprints, DNA profiling, recovering data from computers, researching new techniques/ technology etc. B.Sc. Forensic Sciences Syllabus includes esse- ntial components such as Forensic Patho- logy, Psychiatry, Psychology, Forensic Medicine and Odontology (Dentistry).
BBA Aviation
BBA Aviation or Bachelor of Business Administration in Aviation is an undergra duate Travel and Tourism course. Course focuses on the issues such as types of Aviation Management, enterprises in air lines and their relationships.Aviation Management industry is being analysed from marketing, planning and policy perspectives at national and international levels. 

Therefore, the program will provide students a strong background in the Aviation Management field as well as business and leadership practices.
MSC Virology
MSc Virology is a two-year postgraduate biomedical programme. The course is built on a full description of human viral disease, viruses, their evolution, mechanisms, and precise structures.


B.Sc in Nursing
BSc Nursing is a 3-4 year undergraduate programme that focuses on providing nursing education and training through a balanced curriculum of classroom study and clinical experience. The programme helps students develop advanced thinking abilities, critical care skills, as well as the proficiency and values required for professional nursing practise.
DMLT is a course that teaches you how to utilize laboratory equipment to diagnose and cure illnesses. Students will develop knowledge and technical skills in disciplines such as pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, and hematology. They will also learn how to operate advanced lab equipment, conduct precise medical laboratory tests, and eventually work as Laboratory Technicians after completing the course.


Bachelors of Technology, or B.Tech, is a 4-year full-time programme that covers a variety of engineering and technology subjects. The course is meant to help applicants who want to work in the core technology and development industry improve their technical skills. Both academic and practical knowledge are included in the B.Tech programme. Students are also given hands-on training in order to understand how to operate various software and hardware in their disciplines. Aside from fundamental engineering fields, B.Tech graduates can work in fields such as information technology, data analysis, consulting, and management.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
The BBA Syllabus is designed to provide students with adequate business administration abilities, as the full term suggests. Principles of Management, Macroeconomics, Human Behavior & Ethics at Workplace, Management Accounting, Banking & Insurance are some of the BBA subjects.
The BBA programme emphasizes market and industry knowledge. After completing the course, students are able to obtain good BBA jobs. The average income for a BBA ranges from INR 2,50,000 to INR 10,00,000. Students pursuing higher education in MBA programmes can take courses after completing their BBA.
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) is a popular course among students interested in pursuing a career in IT (Information Technology). The course lasts three years and is divided into six semesters. Databases, networking, data structures, and essential programming languages like 'C' and 'java' are among the topics covered. This course gives students who are interested in computers and want to work in the IT industry as a programmer or software developer a lot of chances.


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
An MBA degree not only offers better job prospects to graduates, but it also comes with higher salaries than you would otherwise receive. It is the preferred qualification for a managerial role, which is traditionally a high-paying job.
India is one of the best MBA destinations, partly because India is the house for largest corporate houses. MBA from an University in India would prepare you for large MNCs leadership roles.
Master of Computer Applications (MCA)
Students' software skills will be nurtured, and their computer application skills will be strengthened. This trains students for industrial demands, allowing them to succeed in the corporate IT sector. MCA courses are more focused on the application of programming languages, IT skills, and other similar ideas, with a five-semester curriculum. Industrial training, internships, and projects are the focus of the sixth and final semester.
Master of Science (MSc)
MSc is a two-year postgraduate degree programme offered by universities and colleges in a variety of science subjects, including physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, botany, biotechnology, microbiology, environmental sciences, food sciences, and life sciences. 
Students with a Master of Science degree have scientific as well as professional entry-level proficiency. Students in their chosen specialty will get advanced theoretical and practical expertise through this course. Students usually choose the MSc specialization that they studied during their undergraduate studies.

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