MBBS in Armenia

Officially referred to as the Republic of Armenia is one of the Mono Ethnic Countries in the World which lays its beauty in the Armenian Highlands of Western Asia- vast in 29,743 Km2 and with its people numbering 29.6 Lakhs. This Country is known to have built the first Church in the World and later, many other alluring Churches officially endorses Christianity and comprises more than 97% followers of the Religion. Armenian culture and its traditions go far back ever and are frequently described as welcoming, cordial, and kind individuals who regard seniors, have a delicate mentality to kids and have solid family esteems. The Hospitality and the Lowest Level of Crime Rate are cherished by every visitor of Armenia and thus spend their time freely and happily in the country, sightseeing the captivating nature. The Country provides an administrative status to its Capital City Yerevan, distinct from 10 of its Provinces. The Country ranks high at its literacy rate and facilitates in big numbers, the best MBBS Colleges in the world for Indian Students, making it the best choice for acquiring a Career. Though Armenian tops the position as the Official Language, Russian was also chosen as the Medium of Instruction. In recent years, English too joined the Club as days passes by and many foreign students chose Armenia as a favorite for MBBS Education as it has the means for the Cheapest MBBS Education in Supreme Quality through Accredited Colleges and Universities. The Country is titled as Safe and Affordable and holds a Cost of Living Index on an Average when compared with the USA less by 52.98%. Armenia is ranked 93 out of 194 Countries in the World’s Richest Country Index & the Human Development Index depicts Armenia with a value of 0.776 and is substantially good with the higher end value being 1. And economically, the Country has a blended monetary framework that incorporates an assortment of private freedom, joined with unified financial planning and government rules and regulations ultimately resulting to tag Armenia as a Developing Country.  
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Reasonable cost
Experienced faculty
Cheap living expenses
Medium of study is English

Top Universities to Study MBBS at Armenia 

Armenia is one of the most affordable and best place for MBBS for Indian students. Due to the lower education fees, and quality of medical education provided there. 

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Yes, Armenian colleges offer the best courses at the most affordable prices in the world. In Armenia, the government has established a number of universities and colleges with the goal of providing an MBBS program that is up to date.

Yes, all students are safe because all colleges and universities have security. Even though the government adheres to tight laws, you should remain vigilant. Although Armenia is a secure country, you should avoid visiting areas about which you are unfamiliar.

Yes, students with an Armenian MBBS degree can practice medicine in India. The NMC recognizes all of the colleges there, however, you must pass a screening test to practice medicine in India.

Yes, Armenian schools and universities provide scholarships to students, however, the amount varies from one university to the next. So, before you apply, go to the official website.

Yes, the NEET exam is required for MBBS in Armenia, according to the Indian government. The student must have received a minimum of 50% in the NEET exam.

In Armenia, the MBBS program lasts six years. It includes a one-year dedicated internship at a recognized hospital.

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