MBBS in Malaysia

An Excerpt

Malaysia is turning out to be one of the most popular destinations to study MBBS. The medical colleges in Malaysia are all MCI approved and provide high quality education that is in par with schools in India, UK, and USA and so on. Study MBBS in Malaysia and reap the best results possible. All the hospitals in Malaysia are modern and is equipped with state of the art medical instruments. These hospitals are capable of housing a very large number of patients as well as providing quality hands on education to the students. Malaysia is the perfect destination to study MBBS abroad because the MBBS fees in Malaysia is very affordable compared to any other country. All the MBBS universities in Malaysia teach in English medium. The MBBS colleges in Malaysia provide training in USMLE and PLAB that will enable students to practice in UK or USA.

Quick Facts

About Detail
Capital Kuala Lumpur
Climate Equatorial
Official language Malay & English
Currency Malaysian Ringgit (MYR)
Exchange Rate 1 Malaysian Ringgit=17.468 Indian Rupee

Things to Note

  • Duration of MBBS in Malaysia

    Medical Universities in Malaysia generally offer a five year undergraduate program .It is compulsory for students who have graduated from medical school to work in the Government Hospital under housemanship program for a duration of three years

  • Why Study MBBS in Malaysia?

    Low Cost of Living

    For a country that provides the best facilities when it comes to healthcare, accommodation, recreational activities and so on, the living expenses are very low. Students studying in Malaysia have little to worry when it comes to expense. This is the main attraction that makes Malaysia a hub for international students to do their studies.

    Attractive Fee Structure

    The MBBS fee structure in Malaysia is very low compared to the colleges in other countries. The fees can vary from 3 lakh rupees to 4 lakh rupees which is very affordable. The low fees combined with the low cost of living makes the medical universities of Malaysia very popular in the world.

    IELTS not required

    Students need not crack the IELTS or other English proficiency tests to study in Malaysia. The instruction medium in the medical schools in Malaysia is English itself.

    No Entrance Examination

    There are very demanding and challenging entrance exams that are used as admission criterion for medicine in many countries like India. No such exam exists in Malaysia making medicine a very achievable dream for many students.

    World Renowned Universities

    All the MBBS colleges in Malaysia are MCI approved and recognized by the World Health Organization. The MBBS degree attained after graduation from an MBBS school in Malaysia makes the students eligible for MCI screening test as well as many other medical licensing examinations.

    Quality Hospitals for Internships

    The hospitals affiliated with the MBBS universities in Malaysia are equipped with world class medical instruments and doctors. They provide the best healthcare to the population of Malaysia and also provide the best education to the interns. These hospitals are capable of housing a large number of patients as well as students.

  • Admission Procedure for MBBS in Malaysia

    Entry to the public medical schools is very competitive. Courses last five or six years. The medical program is usually divided into 3 phases.

    • Phase 1 consists of the first two years of the program involving integrated teaching and learning of the relevant basic medical sciences.
    • Phase II (Year 3) and Phase III (Year 4 and Year 5) involve clinical skills development and subsequently consolidation of clinical clerkship in the various clinical disciplines.
    • Two years of pre-clinical training in an academic environment and three years clinical training at a teaching hospital. Medical schools and teaching hospitals are closely integrated.
    • You are required to submit the tuition fees.
  • Required Documents for MBBS in Malaysia

    You will need the following documents for getting MBBS admission in Malaysia:
    • A valid passport
    • Scanned copies of class 10 th & 12 th Mark sheet
    • Passport size photographs of the applicant
    • Application for the student visa
    • Photocopy of Birth certificate
    • The original notice of acceptance from the university