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The Russian Federation, to date, the largest and one of the safest countries in the World, extends its massive structure of around 17 Million Square Kilometers from the North of Asia to the East of Europe, where more than one-eighth of the total World Population lies, peacefully with a lower Crime Rate of 39.78. With the Capital being Moscow, this Massive country gets divided into 21 Republics, 6 Autonomous National Areas, 47 Russian Regions, and 8 Russian Territories. Though the Russian Language bags the official position, English also marks its place in educational training. The Cost of living in Russia is 48.53% lower than the United States and with the Currency Rate equal to that of India. It is positioned high in the Human Development Index with 0.824 (ranging 0 – 1) while the average of 185 Countries is just 0.724. The country also has a Universal Healthcare System. Russia's economy is the world's 11th biggest by ostensible GDP, 6th largest by PPP, and ranks 76th out of 167 Countries in the overall Prosperity Index Rankings. The Country is also ranked at 53rd place out of 194 Countries in the World’s Richest Country List. Russia is home to a rich social legacy, a few dozen ethnic groups, and incredible naturally different places, alongside holding 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It traverses 11-time regions across the mainlands of Eurasia and has shores on three of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans. Russia has around 100,000 rivers, including the absolute longest and incredible ones on the planet. This biggest nation in the World has the longest rail line, an Art-Museum which is the second largest on the planet and is home to a large number of billionaires. Russia has one of the world's biggest economies that is fueled by its broad natural assets. Top businesses incorporate oil and flammable gas manufacture, with farming, ranger service, and fishing as other monetary drivers. 
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Largest country
One of the Safest country
Rich social legacy
Quality education
English Is the medium of education

Top Universities to Study Management at Russia

Russia is one of the most affordable and best place for Management for Indian students. Due to the lower education fees, and quality of medical education provided there.

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Although Russia is one of the world’s most popular study abroad destinations, students do not just come to Moscow. Saint Petersburg, Kazan, and Tomsk, among other places with outstanding universities, are equally as tempting to international students.

In comparison to higher education institutions in the United States or the United Kingdom, Russian universities are quite economical. International students typically pay between 1,475 and 10,600 EUR per year for bachelor’s degrees. Master’s degrees range in price from 1,770 to 5,540 EUR each year.

Although Russia is not as stable as Switzerland, it is far less risky than Latin America. The Russian government has taken a hard line against skinhead activities, and the chances of being targeted by a xenophobic group are smaller than they were in the early 2000s.

Without taking the IELTS exam, you can study for a degree in Russia. Without taking the IELTS exam, it is feasible to study in Russia. For entrance to European universities, IELTS is usually necessary.

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